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What is this Fantasy Manager?

We took the traditional concept of Fantasy League, and we've produced Fantasy Manager. Simply, it's Fantasy League as you know it but you get to use your players. Everyone loves Fantasy League! The stress and enjoyment of picking your team each week. Will the below average midfielder score, what about the new signing up front? We wanted to bring the joy of Fantasy League to everyone. Why should the professionals have all the fun of seeing themselves picked by most teams or top of the leader board? With Fantasy Manager you can create a custom Fantasy League and be the star of the show. Score goals for fun or are you the assist maestro? Now everyone can benefit from your ability and skill. Be the MVP and show your skills as a Fantasy Manager.

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Custom Fantasy League

Sign up today for free and create your very own Custom Fantasy League for your club. It's really simple, give us your club name and then start adding players from your club.

Love playing Fantasy League? Now you can make your own, with your squad. It's simple and easy for everyone to play along, your players, supporters and mates will love it.

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Your Fixtures

Record Your Games

After each game simply log in and add the match activities to Fantasy Manager. Scoring, assisting, bookings and more all affect a player's Fantasy League points for the week.

Keep track of all the games and stats to help you with end of season awards, player of the month or just for players to show off.

Everyone loves to be top of the table, now they can be. It's as easy to use as a spreadsheet but everyone can see the instant results.

No More Spreadsheets

Easy Fantasy League

Stop using a spreadsheet for your club fantasy league, Fantasy Manager is here to help. Created by two brothers who were fed up with spreadsheets and transfers over email.

Put your players back in control, they are responsible for their own transfers, no longer relying on you to update it. Custom access allows you to share the load and give other people permission to keep your stats up-to-date.

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Track your stats

Everyone loves to know how they are doing in the season so we've added a few tables to our Fantasy League stats page.

Top goalscorer, most assists, player of the match awards, most yellow cards as well as the top Fantasy League point-scoring players and of course teams.

Every player loves to exaggerate how well their season is going, no more lying or claiming goals that aren't theirs, the tables are there for all to see!

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